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When you love what you do people will feel it.  You will enjoy working with us from the beginning and leave as friends.


To last more than a lifetime


We stand by our product

Relationship is the name of the game


Hand crafted

No design is the same, guaranteed

About Us

Leaving the corporate world was the best decision of my life.  Doing what you love, spending time with the ones you love and most importantly your spiritual life is all that matters in the end.

Dining Table resin epoxy

Why We Are Different


We design and handcraft each project to perfection.  No design is ever the same.  We do dining tables, coffee tables, mirrors, lights, shelves and many more.  We would love to create your hearts desire, only one requirement – it must be unique. Everything is done by myself to ensure the highest quality.  My wife is the creative mind and adds the finishing touches.

We offer more than unique furniture.  They all come with a story to accompany the piece through your lifetime.  You can confidently say that you have a piece that is one of a kind, that no one else has.

  • Superior Quality
  • Hand crafted
  • One of a kind

Our Latest Work

Below please see the latest additions to our collection

Ironwood Sleeper Dining Table


Sandkiaat Dining Table


Jackalberry Dining Table